Overview of Writing Documented Procedures

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While planning the design planning process the scope of the design plan should include the scheduling of the work and the responsibilities outlined. Planning should be done in the perspective of product safety, performance, and dependability. The procedures should reflect on the above-mentioned characteristics. All products should be measured and tested and the design plan should include the same in its scope. Documented procedures should reflect on the measurement analysis and the testing. If we have plan ideas that we would like to implement, they should be well documented.

Elements of Design Control
Designing is an interactive process. Once you develop any product, customers will validate it and if changes are suggested they have to be considered as input to the plan. Design review process controls plan input, output, process and final product.

When you have more details for plan, it is easy to prepare a design plan effectively. It is common for plans to be produced and as gets underway, problems develop requiring change for the design plan. Thus, the original plan has to be changed. Changes might require the assignment of resources or other additions to stay on target. In this scenario, document control is called on and change procedures are followed.

When you write a portion of the procedure addressing design planning, be sure to include design planning modification and/or changes as part of the procedure. You may decide to develop a formal plan for each of your basic product designs. Use a design planning checklist that identifies the basic planning requirements with the flexibility to add steps, if necessary.

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