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Tips for Staying Safe Online.

Identity theft is far more common than you think and it is not a nightmare you want to be in the middle. About 14 million credit cards were reported to have been stolen in 2017 not forgetting the 150 million social security numbers exposed in the same year. These are alarming numbers which is why everyone who is using the online platform has to protect himself or herself. It is essential for you to check on ways to keep yourself safe when using the online platform. Do not just post anything that comes to mind on social media. Many people have Instagram accounts and there nothing not to love about it. They are not only inspiring but you get to explore a lot of new ideas too. Even so, not everyone on Instagram has good intentions. You should be vigilant when posting. Ensure there is no personal information when you are uploading your posts. Taking pictures is okay but clear mail before you do and avoid standing at your front porch when taking the pictures. In addition, you ought to encrypt your data. When using the online platform, you may be asked for addresses, your credit card number and even a social security number. When you pass the data through an encryption software your information will be secure because the letters and numbers will be scrambled making sure the cybercriminals do not get it. This website has more info. about that.

Remember to clear the cache regularly. A lot of browsers do save information. This means they keep track your download and even upload history. For this reason, remember to clear the history and also empty the cache regularly. When it sits there for a long time hackers can get hold of this information and break into the accounts. You should practice anti-clutter lifestyle. Another thing you should avoid like the plague is free WiFi. Travelers are culprits. When you connect to a public WiFi you will be invited any hacker on the same to go through your e-mails and delete them, get into your bank account and steal your money or even go through your files. Therefore, you should always use a personal hotspot through your cell phone. You should also not be quick to respond to everyone who seems friendly. This happens a lot when logged onto Facebook or even Instagram. Catfishers will target random strangers. You can click here for more info. about protecting yourself online or check out this homepage for more.