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Overview of Writing Documented Procedures

Aadhaar the world’s largest biometric ID system, is an initiative rolled out by Government of India under which a unique number is provided to every I While planning the design planning process the scope of the design plan should include the scheduling of the work and the responsibilities outlined. Planning should be done in the …

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The Number One Project Management Skill

So you’re a project manager. You know the unique hellish experience of having someone breathing down your neck over a deadline, while you in turn need to get on top of other people who are the ones causing the problem. It’s human nature to just pass on the wrath we’re getting. But it isn’t effective. …

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Best Project Management Tools

Project management is the application of tools, methods, techniques, skills and knowledge to deliver on standards set for the project and to meet the specific needs of the project while keeping sticking to the predefined budget and envisioned timeframe. The realization of the importance of project management has led to an increase in the number …

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