Best Project Management Tools

Project management is the application of tools, methods, techniques, skills and knowledge to deliver on standards set for the project and to meet the specific needs of the project while keeping sticking to the predefined budget and envisioned timeframe. The realization of the importance of project management has led to an increase in the number of working professionals equipping themselves with the relevant skills through project management courses online to increase their chance of promotion and to forge ahead in their careers.

Entrepreneurs, even the experienced ones, business managers and senior working professionals, who are often required to handle these responsibilities, find project management very daunting and intimidating. While it will immensely benefit them to take up a project management course online, having the right set of tools and software can make their work a little easier to do. Even project managers will benefit from having the right project management tools to execute their tasks with ease, especially in today’s age where traditional methods like spreadsheets and word processing software are not good enough. We have compiled a list of best project management tools.

Trello is an intuitive, cloud-based, cross-platform solution that enables users to organize their projects, customize and manage workflows, delegate tasks to team members, add to-do-lists, upload files and comment on task cards.

Asana is a solution that helps project managers to track and monitor projects closely. Templates can be used to create workflows, task lists can be created for everyone on the team, teams can comment on the task board and file sharing can be done. Creating to-do-lists, breaking larger tasks into subtasks and converting a task into a project are all made easy. Due dates can be added for team members and reminders are sent for the deadlines.

Podio app is a useful tool for professionals who work simultaneously on multiple projects. Tasks can be created and customized based on the workflow. The most important feature of this app is the in-built instant messaging which allows users to share ideas, get feedback and monitor progress. Due to the integration with third-party services like Google Drive and Dropbox, content sharing is easy and quick.